M9 Engineering Accuriser for GSG 1911




Turn your GSG 1911 or TSC into the competition winning “Tack Driver” it always should have been!

Easily fitted in under an hour, the M9 Engineering Accuriser System allows the barrel and slide to interact as they should in a GSG 1911, giving very repeatable alignment of the sights with the barrel for vastly improved accuracy and grouping.

Fitting the M9 Engineering Accuriser System corrects the geometry of the slide and barrel relationship to the give a very close barrel to bushing fit while in-battery combined with free running clearance for 90% of slide travel, the result is clean cycling combined with a massive improvement in grouping.

The M9 Accuriser System is supplied as a kit with everything required to fit the system to a field-stripped pistol.

  • M9 Accuriser Barrel Bushing
  • M9 Accuriser Barrel Sleeve
  • Bonding Compound
  • Online Instructions

Please note that the M9 Accuriser Kit requires that either an M9 Guide Rod Kit is fitted or that other arrangements have been made to adequately support the GSG barrel level and parallel to the frame rails.

We recommend you fit the barrel retaining screw as leaving this out will allow breech block movement in the frame and will result in wear to both.

Developed and manufactured in the UK.