Cyclone GelSoft Pistol

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Important Information regarding sales of GelSoft Guns

Please note that you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a GelSoft gun, and you will be subjected to an age verification process. Under 18s can operate GelSoft guns, however they must have adult supervision. Always wear eye protection.

Some GelSoft guns are the colour(s) of real guns, and are considered to be classed as "Realistic Imitation Firearms" (RIF) under the Violent Crime Reduction Act (2006). It is an offence to have any type of imitation firearm in public without reason, and you may be arrested.

By purchasing an RIF from us, you are confirming to us that the gun will only be used for "Permitted Activities" which include skirmishing, historical re-enactments, target practice, or other permitted events where third-party insurance is in place for that activity, on private land where you have permission, or are the land owner.

For more information, including details about how we conduct our age verification process, please see our Terms and Conditions, or call 01302 730052 for further assistance.



The Cyclone GelSoft Pistol is part of the GelSoft Skirmish Series, and offers plenty of power while maintain a high level of accuracy. This unique hopper-fed Cyclone GelSoft Pistol fires safe, frangible, biodegradable GelSoft ammunition. The Cyclone sports 150FPS and a 11 round-per-second firing rate. The Cyclone also features a laser sight to help you hone in on your targets even easier.

The Cyclone GelSoft Pistol includes a 7.4V battery and USB charger in the box, as well as a grenade style hopper bottle with a handful of GelSoft ammunition. Simple to assemble and no tools required.


  • 150FPS
  • 15m Range (When using GelSoft Milky Ammo)
  • 11 Rounds per second
  • “Grenade Style” High-Capacity Hopper
  • 7.4V Battery Included
  • Safety Switch

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What is GelSoft?

What is GelSoft?

GelSoft is the real alternative to airsoft and paintball. A new, competitive team shooting sport where participants shoot opponents with soft gel balls via battery-powered GelSoft guns. Have fun in the most affordable and safest way to play shooter games.

GelSoft ammo "pops" or "bursts" upon impact with a satisfying splat of water, or bounces off the target safely. GelSoft ammo is also biodegradable and made mostly using water, making GelSoft one of the most environmentally friendly shooting sports. GelSoft guns are very similar to paintball guns, however due to their comparatively lower power output and water based ammo, they are not considered weapons.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a GelSoft gun. You do not need to be 18 years of age or older to use a GelSoft gun, however you must have adult supervision.