Beretta 1301 Comp Pro

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Side View of the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro


A new era of performance. Built using feedback from Beretta’s own medal-winning shooters, introducing the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro. Comfort, stability, accuracy, and speed come as standard.

Considered as one of the best practical shotguns available on the market today, the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro is packed with the latest and greatest Beretta technologies.

A new stock, polymeric stock with Beretta’s Kick-Off Plus system contains two elastomer dampeners complete with return springs near the rubber insert. This helps mitigate the first recoil peak, reducing the perceived recoil by up to 40%.

A third dampener located in the stock bolt helps absorb the impact of the slide against the stock, reducing second recoil peak, muzzle jump, and vibrations.

The stock of the 1301 Comp Pro also features Beretta’s B-Steady system. This technology separates the stock into two sections, and allows them to move in unison with the forearm. This helps to keep your cheek still, comfortable, and perfectly rested without losing accuracy.

Additionally, the stock also has Beretta’s MicroCore recoil plate, allowing for easy adjustment of the stock and ensuring perfect shouldering, as well as Beretta’s Comfort Grip and Soft Comb insert.

Close Up of the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro's Stock


The Beretta 1301 Comp Pro is designed to be the fastest. Featuring Beretta’s legendary B-Link closure system, which cycles 36% faster than any other semi-automatic, while simultaneously being reliable and accurate, round after round. The Toni Systems magazine tube holds up to 10 cartridges, and is connected to the barrel using an aluminium clamp to increase stability.

The 1301 Comp Pro also sports an oversized 3.5″ stock for the 3″ chamber. This makes it easier for you to reload cartridges faster, especially quad-loading. The loading gate has also been enlarged, and the lifter stays raised during loading operations, allowing for ultra fast, safe loading.

Oversized handle and bolt release contribute more to the easy ergonomics offered by the 1301 Comp Pro.


Designed to offer exceptional ballistic performance with multiple types of ammunition, the 1301 Comp Pro sports Beretta’s Steelium barrel with the internal OptimaBore HP barrel profile.

Blitz the competition with dense, perfect pattern distributions every time, partially thanks to the three included and interchangeable OptimaChoke HP Black Edition choke tubes.

Close Up of the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro's Barrel and Magazine Tube


  • Built using feedback from Beretta’s multiple medal-winning shooters
  • New polymeric stock featuring Kick Off Plus, B-Steady, MicroCore, Comfort Grip, and Soft Comb technologies
  • Features Beretta’s B-Link closure system, offering faster cycling than any other semi-automatic shotgun
  • Toni Systems 10 round magazine tube, clamped to the barrel for extra stability
  • Oversized stock and loading gate for quick and easy loading and quad loading
  • Oversized handle and bolt release further add to the ergonomic operation of the 1301 Comp Pro
  • Beretta exclusive Steelium barrel
  • Includes 3x OptimaBore HP Black Edition choke tubes
  • 10×8 stepped rib with fibre optic sight and mid-bead sight for optimum target acquisition
Image displaying the contents of the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro's case, displaying the included gun, chokes, and tools.


Gauge 12
Capacity 10+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type OptimaBore HP
Barrel Length 24″
Sights Fibre Optic and Mid-Bead
Chokes OCHP
Barrel Finish Beretta Steelium
Stock Finish Polymer

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Semi Automatic

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12 Gauge