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Nexus self adjusting shotgun caddies

Nexus Self Adjusting Shotgun Cartridge System

We have taken input from more shooters than ever before and combined all the features they asked for into one caddy. All of them. Then we backed it with our lifetime warranty.

Nexus is a set and forget system which will take any cartridge with an unfired length from 51-67.5mm. That means any cartridge, bird, buck or slug that you would use in training or competition will fit in the Nexus system with no further adjustment. No longer do you have to commit to loading either right or left handed. The Nexus system can be set up either way and changed at any time using just one allen key. It takes just 10 minutes to convert an assembled Nexus12 from one hand to the other.

Set up for left or right handed use this shotgun cartridge caddy is available in either 12 and 28 round flavours.

This is a result of very popular demand. There are 2 types of loading, loading in discrete quads (for which our double quad loader is designed) and loading from a bank giving the option of loading twins or quads at any time. Extensive market research has shown that customers who opt for something other than MAGLOAD do so either because of cost, or (primarily) because we don’t offer a bank loading system. In order to meet this market demand, MAGLOAD has developed the Nexus12/28 self-adjusting bank style loader.

Whilst the manner in which cartridges are stacked in the NEXUS (in a bank) is the same as some other high end systems, the similarities end there. In line with MAGLOAD ethos, the Nexus is versatile, well built, easy to use and cheaper than the other comparable systems on the market. It also meets current UKPSA, NRA and IPSC rules.